3 Common DIY disasters

There are plenty of seemingly simple DIY jobs that can go disastrously wrong if not undertaken with care and precision. Below are 3 common DIY disasters and how to avoid them.

Putting up shelves

As a novice DIY newbie, you may be mistaken into thinking one of the easiest things you can achieve is to put up a shelf. Oh how wrong you are. If not carried out professionally, putting up a shelf can be an absolute disaster! Common mistakes range from the simple errors (like not making sure it’s level and finding your ornate, china cats falling all over the shop) to bursting pipes and damaging dry walls. To put up a shelf properly, you need a spirit level. This essential piece of kit will make the difference between your objects sitting pretty and ending up smashed to smithereens. You also need to ensure that the shelf is attached securely. If it’s not, it could fall down causing injury to your home or worse, someone in it. Always take care to put up a shelf properly and, if you’re not sure, it’s better to get a professional in to make sure it will hold. It’s better than taking the risk!


Oh tiling you naughty little chaffinch. You look so simple but boy can you be tricky! One common problem that novices face is an uneven, unlevel finish. Not only can this look unsightly, but it can potentially cause damage to your bathroom or kitchen as water could seep in behind the surface causing rot or damp. It’s also tricky to trim tiles to perfection to achieve a professional looking finish. If you’re in any doubt of your ability at all, you should seek professional help to tile your required areas. Not only do you want to be able to look at your bathroom or kitchen without resentment – but you want to make sure that your house is looked after in the long run.

Electrical work

We cannot stress enough that when it comes to electrical work, seeking a professional really is the best route to go down. Messing around with the electrics when you are unqualified and inexperienced could be potentially fatal. Whether you need to install a new plug socket or rewire the lighting – a professional touch is going to ensure that you, your family and your house stay safe.

Call in the professionals

If you’re looking for friendly, qualified and professional staff to help carry out your essential building work – no matter how small the job –look no further than Gilston Building Services. They set out to make sure that your satisfied right from the start. Their designers have extensive knowledge, qualifications and experience, and will bring your visions to life, exceeding your expectations and offering you valuable insight that can enhance the build and add value to your property.

GBS has a great system in place where the customers can acquire the services of not just one skilled worker, but a whole number of highly-trained, industry-leading experts. The expertise of these people combined, working together to bring you the best, eliminates the problems that can potentially arise when using individual workmen or firms. So there you have it: friendly professionals to take on your DIY for you at your fingertips. Why take the risk?

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