3 reasons to hire a professional plasterer

3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Plasterer

Here at Gilston Building Services, we offer a range of services from brickwork to roofing, and everything in between. This includes plastering, and we are often employed to fix up other peoples “dodgy” plastering. As a result, we have produced this guide to the 3 reasons to hire a professional plasterer.

1. Getting the job right

You’ll never get a better plastered wall than you do when you hire a professional. Plasterers with experience rarely make mistakes. And if they do, they know how to put them right. However, this isn’t because plastering is an easy job. On the contrary, there are a number of ways that plastering can go wrong. These include:

Using the wrong amount of plaster
Learning to mix and apply plaster is more difficult than the average Joe might give credit for. If you use too little plaster, it can end up being thin and uneven. If you use too much plaster, it can become lumpy and cause bumps. The right amount of plaster will give the perfect finish, and a professional plasterer can provide this.
Time to dry
One of the most common plastering mistakes is not leaving enough time for the plaster to dry. The drying times can alter depending on the wall materials and the variety of plaster. As a result, improper drying is a common issue, and leaves walls looking unpleasant and uneven. This can be avoided by hiring a professional plasterer.

2.Health and Safety

Although plastering may seem like a simple and straightforward job, there are actually some health and safety risks involved. A professional plasterer will have dealt with many of these risks previously, and know just what to do, safely. However, a “cowboy” builder or an unqualified handyman could put themselves and your property in danger. Risks can stem from:

  • exposed wiring
  • improper footwear
  • working from heights
  • spillages

As a result, it is always a better option to employ a professional builder.

3. Long term costs

Hiring a professional plasterer may not seem like its worth the money when a friend will do it on the cheap. But unless they know what they are doing, you can end up shelling out a lot more in the long run. This is because improperly applied plaster can simply crumble and fall off. As a result, you’ll have to call in a professional to rectify the faulty plastering. This means you may end up shelling out twice. Not to mention the inconvenience and loss of time.

If you need a professional plastering service you can trust, contact us at Gilston Building Services, Southport’s favourite professionals.

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