Brickwork Benefits

Now that Spring is in full swing, the damage of winter is evident. Weathering, blown down fences and chipped paintwork are some of the common issues that arise from a British winter. So when it comes to replacing or repairing damaged structures, should you opt for brickwork? Here at Gilston Building Services, we believe the answer is a resounding yes. Whether it’s a small garden retainer, or a brand new porch, brickwork should be the first choice. To back this up, we have produced this guide to brickwork benefits.


Brickwork is strong, hardy, and durable. As a result, brickwork structures are less likely to experience damage, and more capable of withstanding winter weather than any other material. The fact that brickwork is so durable means that your new garden retainer will still be there, standing firm, for decades!

Fire Resistant

Brickwork is fire resistant. Now this might not be the first thing you think about when it comes to adding to your home, but it is certainly an important consideration. Wood, PVC, and other materials may catch fire, or release toxic fumes. So if you are thinking of adding a porch or home extension, consider the fire resistant nature of bricks.

Low maintenance

Brickwork doesn’t need looking after. Bricks are built to withstand the elements and they don’t need weatherproofing or maintenance. As a result, brickwork can save on costs, and time.

Visually appealing

Brickwork is visually appealing. New brickwork always looks elegant and timeless, offering a stylish option that other materials just don’t seem to bring. A garden wall, or a new extension, will visually benefit from brickwork.


Brickwork fits in everywhere. Whether you live in a city or the countryside, or anywhere in between, brickwork structures will fit in nicely. The same can’t be said for other building materials available. This is especially important for issues like planning permission, where your building work has to fit in with the existing architecture.

In summary

There are many brickwork benefits. These include durability, fire resistance, low maintenance, and the holistic nature of bricks. If you are looking for a professional and qualified team, to help bring your brickwork structure to life, contact us at Gilston Building Services today.

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