Choose brickwork

One of the many services we offer here at Gilston is the construction and repair of brickwork structures. Whether you’re adding a small brick wall to your garden path or building a whole brickwork porch, we can help. However, with so many materials available, you might be wondering why you should choose brickwork. There are numerous reasons and we’ve compiled a list of the most prominent ones!


Durability is the foremost reason to choose brickwork when adding a new structure to your home. Brick is renowned for being hardy and long-lasting, meaning that you can enjoy brickwork structures for decades after they have been built. What’s more, you won’t need to have these structures repaired very often, which will save you money in the long-run. This makes brickwork better than wood and other less resilient materials.


In addition to their longevity, brickwork structures are also fire-resistant, which makes brick one of the safest materials available to build from. Not only is a brick less likely to catch fire than other materials, if a fire does occur, it will not combust and release toxic fumes, unlike many other building materials.


The environmentally-minded among you will also be pleased to hear that brickwork is 100% sustainable. Bricks are made from natural materials such as clay; while they require firing, intensive industrial processes are not necessary to manufacture them. If you’re going to add a new structure to your home, why not make it a guilt-free one?


Finally, it’s worth noting that brickwork offers a classic sense of style. Brickwork buildings and structures look pleasingly timeless. What’s more, they fit in equally well in both urban and rural environments, so you never have to worry about whether they’ll clash with the surrounding architecture.

We at Gilston are proud to offer brickwork construction as one of our services because we earnestly believe in the impeccable quality of the material. But a material is only as good as the craftsman who uses it. This is why we believe that, if you’re adding a new brickwork structure to your home, you’re best off with Gilston. Our craftsmen will ensure that your brickwork structures are as sturdy and aesthetically pleasing as the material they’re made from.

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