Construction Industry Slammed for ‘Modern Slavery’ Risk

According to a new report, the construction industry is facing a rather extreme allegation concerning modern slavery within the workplace. The report has stated that modern slavery is, “common, concealed and subject to inadequate prevention.”

A recent study by LexisNexis BIS analysed different articles from more than 6,000 news sources over more than 100 countries. It was revealed that throughout the whole of the construction industry and its many supply chains, forced labour and other extremities and exploitation was constituting modern slavery. The report ended by saying governments, businesses and the media all have a part to play.

Mark Dunn, the Director as LexisNexis quotes, “Given that the construction industry employs an estimated 7 percent of the global workforce, this means countless thousands of workers are leading lives of misery and injustice.”

He also goes on to say that forces labour needs to move up within the global agenda and a wide range of stakeholders, governments and the public sector all have roles to play in preventing worker exploitation within the construction industry.

The UK’s Anti – Slavery Commissioner, Kevin Hyland stated that, “Businesses, the government and civil society all have a crucial role in combatting modern slavery, and through the media reporting, businesses are more encouraged to open up about their supply chains and protect those who are most at risk of being exploited.”

Due to these reports, certain workforces are being examined as with the recently introduced Modern Slavery Act 2015, the UK Home Office estimated that back in 2014, there were 10,000 – 13,000 potential slavery victims just in the UK.

By 2015, the construction industry ranked second on the list of economic sector within the EU that is most prone to slavery and labour exploitation. Out of 21 countries who participated within the reports, nine of them put construction at the top of their list.

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