Do you need a plasterer?

When it comes to professional plastering, we are experts here at Gilston Building Services. Whether you need a professional float and skim, or you would rather install dry lining, we provide a range of professional plastering services. But when do you need a plasterer?

When Do You Need A Plasterer?

Plasterers can be contacted and involved at all stages of home renovation or redecoration, or simply when an incident occurs. As professional and high quality plasterers, we are often called out to:

  • Plaster walls and ceilings during redecoration and renovation projects- we provide both wet plastering and dry lining options and are usually called after the plumbers and electricians have finished laying cables and pipes through the walls of the home.
  • Repair damages- Over time damage to your plaster work can occur. We are here to help put it right, and simply to plaster over the damaged area, so it matches seamlessly with the rest of the wall.
  • Add decorative finishes to give your house more style.

Why should you hire a professional plasterer?

Plastering is a challenging task that takes time and practice to get right. If you hire a handyman or simply try to plaster the wall yourself, you are much less likely to end up with a smooth finish ready for painting or wallpapering. In fact, your wall will likely end up lumpy.

In addition, trying to plaster your walls or ceilings yourself will probably result in needing to hire a professional to repair the damage caused. And this means the total expenditure will be a lot more than it would have been, if you hired a professional in the first place.

Finally, a professional plasterer will provide a professional finish, of the highest quality. And it will take less time for a professional to work in a range of circumstances, because of their experience and skillset. So your project will be completed faster.

For more information about our plastering services, get in touch today, here at Gilston Building Services.

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