Guide to felt roofing

Here at Gilston Building Services we offer a variety of high quality roofing services. This includes built up felt roofing, and high performance felt roofing. As a result, we are often asked a lot of questions about felt, including the different types of felt. So this is our guide to felt roofing.

Firstly, what is felt?

Felt is a mat of fibres which are coated on both sides with a bituminous coating. This makes it an incredibly waterproof material that can be used as roofing, to keep out the rain and withstand all weather conditions. The felt is generally finished off with a light sand or grit.

Felt can be bought in a range of lengths from 8 metres, up to 20 metres, with the width always remaining at around 1 metre.

Different types of felt?

There are a huge variety of felt types which are used for a number of different reasons and purposes. Each different felt type will be made from a different fibrous mat, and will have a different finish.

When it comes to felt roofing, you will need a glass fibre mat or, if you opt for high performance felt, a polyester mat. Either of these will be finished off with sand or slate to give increased protection from the sun.

What is built up felt roofing?

Built up felt roofing is essentially what it says on the tin. It is a method of creating a water proof roof by building up layers of felt. Each of the layers added will be bonded to the next, and this will create a water tight, weather proof and durable roof. It is often seen on flat roofs.

The layers of felt will be finished off with a layer of chippings to protect from the sun, or a mineral cap sheet.

Should I use high performance felt?

If you are considering using high performance felt, you are making the right choice. While a standard, good quality, felt roof will last around 15 years, a high performance felt roof can last up to 30 years. This makes high performance felt extremely cost effective.

If you have any more questions, or if you are looking for a building company you can trust, contact us today at Gilston Building Services.

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