How important is gutter maintenance?

With the wintry weather still around, and even some snow showers, it can be important to look after your property. From brickwork and roof tiling, to your driveway, the weather can cause a range of issues for your property. That’s why looking after the guttering and drainage on your property is a key part of what we can offer here at Gilston Building Services. As leading providers of a range of building services, including roofing, plastering and brickwork, we are local experts when it comes to guttering. So, just how important is gutter maintenance?

What are the advantages of gutter maintenance?

Looking after your gutters, especially in the autumn and the spring months can bring a range of benefits and advantages, including:

  • Avoiding blocked pipes- if your gutters and pipes become clogged with leaves, debris and dirt, you could be looking at a future pipe blockage. This can result in a lot of water damage to your property, as the water and waste cannot be transported away from your home.
  • Avoiding overflowing gutters- half pipe gutters are used to catch the rainfall and water running off from a sloped roof. This can be a great way to prevent ponding on the roof, and problems with standing water. However, over time, these can begin to bow and bend, which leads to water cascading over one side. This can damage windowsills and walls below.

What does gutter maintenance involve?

Keeping on top of your gutters is simple, and just involves:

  • Regularly checking on your gutters, especially during extremely wet weather
  • Cleaning your gutters annually or bi-annually depending on your gutters, and your location (i.e. gutters in wooded areas with plenty of trees will need to be cleaned more regularly)
  • Fixing breakages or problems as soon as possible

If you have any more questions, or if you are looking for a building company you can trust, contact us today at Gilston Building Services.

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