Improving your home

Improving your home

Property investment is still one of the best ways of protecting yourself financially, and you don’t need to buy more property to do this – investing in the home you live in is one of the easiest ways. Through adapting the home you live in you can increase its ability to sell in the future, and its value. There are many ways this can be done, such as:

• Improving your insulation – This will also help reduce your energy bills
• Solar panels – Reduce your electricity bills and are a good selling point
• House extension – Increases the value and comfort of your home
• Loft conversion
• Garage conversion

Loft space can be used to create a small gym, an extra bedroom, an office or even a playroom. Most people use their loft for storage, but once its cleared out you’ll be amazed at the amount of space there is.

Garages are another place that is very often used for storing anything but the car, especially when there is plenty of driveway space. If you don’t use it to keep the car, a more clever use would be turning it into a functional room.

A small shed in the garden will hold quite a lot, and after you’ve sold or dumped the stuff you don’t need from the loft or garage you will probably find a shed will suffice. This then leaves you with the possibility of adding two new rooms to your home.

Investment in your home is about creating value, comfort or both, so we would advise anyone who may be considering changing their home to get professional advice before making any decisions.

Experienced local builders will be able to recommend the right architects and surveyors to ensure the project runs smoothly. Therefore it’s vitally important to choose a firm that has plenty of experience, are fully qualified, come highly recommended and offer guidance and support from the start.

If you’re looking for professional builders in Southport, Gilston Building Services have been providing top quality building services in Southport, Blackburn, Darwen and Lancashire since 1986.

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