How to Keep your Projects Running in Winter!

There’s nothing we can do to prevent the cold weather from happening during the Winter even though it has a major impact on our building projects. The Winter months can affect and delay whatever we’re working on and this can have a knock on effect in the months preceding. Here at Gilston, we have put together a list of tips to follow in order for you and your project to stay on track during the next couple of months!

Working in Cold Temperatures

Certain projects will be greatly impacted by the cold temperatures, brickwork for example is a big one as the water in the mortar can freeze, which will stop it mixing throughout. Frozen water also expands which can cause cracking and you will be asked to rebuild any areas that are affected. While we can’t stop the weather, we can prepare and commence the work to avoid this happening. Focus more on the time of year rather than the individual timings.

Limited Daylight

Darker nights and shorter days are a common occurrence in Winter meaning that floodlighting and site heating is crucial when working on site. Make sure that you always have them ready and available to use as not having them can delay your project and in some cases, ca
use harm if you’re working in the dark.

Staying Safe

Building sites are often dangerous and unpleasant, and it tends to get worse during Winter. Workers tend to lose their mobility due to being cold, risk of slipping becoming heightened and the use of gloves hindering their work. Motivation can also drop as well as workers will tend to feel tired, cold and lethargic so the best way to avoid this would be to look for ways that increase motivation on site and provide everyone will coffees to warm their tummies and keep their spirits up!

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