Kitchen layout considerations

Here at Gilston Building Services, we are the leading professional kitchen fitters and installation experts across Darwen. From large to small kitchens, we can provide the skills, expertise and professionalism to ensure that your new kitchen meets all of your requirements. This includes planning and designing the layout. And this is our guide to the most important kitchen layout considerations.

What are the most important kitchen layout considerations?

When planning, designing and installing any new kitchen, there are a number of layout considerations to take into account. These can be related to the practicality and functionality of the space, as well as your individual requirements. These considerations include:

  • The type of kitchen space- one of the first things to consider is the type of kitchen space you want to create. Will this be a small, enclosed kitchen space? Or a large open plan area. In both of these types of kitchens, the layout can make a big impact on the kitchen flow, and the usability. For smaller kitchens, you will need to consider what type of layout to go for, as well as the storage design. For larger kitchens, things like zonal areas will need to be planned for too.
  • The different layout options- there are a number of effect layout options for kitchens. These include:
    • The U shaped layout- this involves positioning the cabinets around three walls of the space in a U shape or a horseshoe shape.
    • The L layout- for long narrow kitchens an L shaped kitchen can be an effective choice. This involve positioning the cabinets along one wall, and the shorter adjoining one. This also works for larger open plan kitchen too, especially if combined with a kitchen island.
    • The P layout- this is similar to the L shaped layout, although it uses another cabinet attached to create a P shape.
  • Kitchen seating- you will also need to consider the seating in your kitchen space, if this is something you want to consider. Planning this into your layout early can save a logistical issue later during installation.

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