How Leaving the EU Could Damage the Construction Industry

It’s no joke that the construction industry in the UK – the housing sector in particular felt the full force of the recession, and was evidently one of the slowest recovering. While other companies seem to benefit from the advancement in the technological world, the construction industry seems to be experiencing a rather long dry spell even though help is available.

It has been studied that approximately 90% of construction leaders said that skill shortage was one of the biggest problems their companies face every day and they think that the lack of skills and in turn staff, was and is still a major concern within the industry.

When compared to last year in March, there has been a decrease in all work by at least 4.5%. Due to the recession, it’s become quite a paradox as even though they are facing lack of experienced workers, there are over 150,000 people who remain unemployed. Many of these people have gone to find work in other businesses that seem to be flourishing.

Even though things have been steady over the past few years and the dust was finally beginning to clear, Brexit made an appearance. Industries all over, but this one in particular has relied on foreign workers both skilled and non-skilled for a lot of reasons.

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