Do you need a house survey?

Do you need a house survey?

If you’re looking to buy a house, you’ve probably come across the mention of house surveys. These are an invaluable tool for a buyer, potentially saving you from making a big mistake and buying a house that turns into a money pit.

What a survey tells you

There are a few different types of survey available. The most basic, a condition report, will tell you about any major issue but won’t go into any real detail. It’s a non-intrusive look at the property, and only really suitable for newer houses. It offers you a professional’s reassurance that you aren’t missing any big glaring problem.

A homebuyer’s report will offer a bit more detail. For this, a professional will look around the property for a few hours, noting any problems they see. In this type of house survey, things like furniture aren’t moved, but many bigger problems or maintenance issues will be noticed. If you have any concerns about a property, a homebuyer’s report will often give you some guidance on them.

The most thorough type of survey is the building survey. This takes a top to bottom look at the property, from the roof to under the floorboards. This can offer essential information for older properties, especially if it’s clear that there will be repairs needed. These reports can often take a full day of on-site work, checking the whole property for any potentially issues.

What you can learn

A good survey will give you a few things that are very helpful as a potential buyer. First, you’ll get a professional opinion on the property. An experienced house surveyor will be able to give you a recommendation about the property, potentially saving you from making a purchase you’ll regret.

A thorough survey report will also give you an idea of how much things will cost to fix. When you find a builder to perform the survey, make sure they provide full costings for required work. Simply knowing that the sill flashing needs to be replaced, for example, isn’t anywhere near as helpful as knowing what it will cost you to replace the sill flashing if you decide to buy the house.

Our survey reports include the costings as standard, something that can really help you make a decision about a property and what you offer as a purchase price. A house survey can be a huge help in making the right choice when it comes to buying your new home.

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