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Identifying autumnal damp

Now that the leaves are falling, it is a great time to check for damp around your property. Once winter hits, damp will become a lot more noticeable, and will create a lot more problems. As a result, autumn is the perfect time to make sure your home is free of damp. But how can you spot damp, and what types of damp are there? Well, here at Gilston Building services, we are damp experts. This is our guide to identifying autumnal damp.

What is damp?

Damp is a common occurrence in all homes, no matter what they are made of and no matter how old they are. Damp can make homes feel cold, increasing the moisture in the air and walls, and causing ugly patches of moisture. Damp can also cause water damage, and this can decrease the value of your home.

Identifying autumnal damp

There are different types of damp, and these will need to be treated in different ways.

Damp types include:

  • Condensation- If there is too much condensation in your home, water damage can occur. Condensation usually occurs when there is not enough ventilation in a room of your home, which cause water to collect on cold walls and windows, and run into pools. This causes damp patches to form and can lead to unsightly mould.
  • Penetrating- Penetrating damp is caused by problems with the exterior of your property. Leaks or roof issues can lead to gaps through which water can penetrate your home. Alternatively, broken guttering and down-pipes can cause water damage to the exterior, which will eventually permeate your home. Because penetrating damp has a obvious cause, your damp issue can easily be rectified by fixing the initial problem.
  • Rising- Finally, Rising damp is an issue that can occur from moisture rising from ground level, up through the brickwork.

Treating damp

Any type of damp will need the attention of a building professional. Here at Gilston Building Services, we are experts when it comes to damp. For professional advice and support, get in touch today.

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Changing your driveway

Is your driveway looking tired? Made from the wrong type of material for your car? Or is it just add odds with the aesthetic of your home? Whatever your driveway issue, why not get in touch with the team today, here at Gilston Building Services, for professional replacement or repair? But how important is your driveway? Well, we feel that the driveway is one of the most important exterior features of your home, and installing a high quality driveway is a practical choice. That’s why you might consider changing your driveway this autumn, for convenience and practicality.

Changing your driveway

The condition and style of your driveway can have a range of practical advantages and effects, and its important to make sure your driveway is right for you. Changes to your driveway could include:

  • Removing stairs for a slope or ramp instead- at the end of your driveway, there may be stairs leading to the door, or to the footpath. Replacing these with a ramp can make your driveway safer for young children and elderly adults, as well as making your home accessible for wheelchair users.
  • Changing your driveway construction material- from chippings and gravel, to paved driveways, your driveway can be made from a variety of materials. These can have a practical effect on your vehicle. For example, some chippings causing windscreen and glass damage when driving, while paved driveways can be very slippy when wet. Choosing a driveway material to suit your requirements can be a good option.

Hire a professional

For any changes to your driveway, you should hire a professional team. This can help ensure that your project is completed effectively, and within the timescale. But it also means that your new driveway will be compliant with any standards or regulations in place in your area. Here at Gilston Building Services, we are reliable professionals that you can count on.

Garden wall building and repair

With the weather heating up, it’s the perfect time for outdoor meals and BBQs. But if you’ve been spending more time outdoors this summer, you might have noticed a number of potential building issues. From clogged gutters, to gaps in exterior rendering, the weather can take a big toll on your property. This includes the garden wall and boundaries, which can begin to wear away, and be unstable for a number of reasons including root damage, frost damage and accidental damage. Here at Gilston Building Services, we are leading building experts. So if you have a garden wall that needs building or repairing, we can help you in a number of different ways.

Garden wall building and repair

We offer a range of solutions to a variety of garden wall issues, including:

  • Building or rebuilding- we can replace an existing garden boundary with a solid wall in the style of your choice. From decorative brickwork, to dry stonewalling, we can create something that matches the style of your property, with all the right dimensions too.
  • Repair- we can remove and rebuild any wall that is beyond repair, but we can also frequently repair a lot of damage to any type of wall too. This includes re-pointing the wall in any style or colour you want. This includes patch pointing i.e. redoing the missing mortar or re-pointing of the entire facade in a range of colours of your choice.
  • Render- we can also render your garden wall to protect this from damage and create something that fits with the desired aesthetic.

Building a new garden wall is a secure, and attractive way to mark the boundaries of your property, and this can even be decorative too, while garden wall repair can breathe a new lease of life into any property. Why not get in touch with the experts at Gilston Building Services today?

Install a new patio this summer

From brickwork and paving, to professional plastering, here at Gilston Building Services we provide a variety of high quality building solutions for your home or property. This includes creating stylish and attractive patio features. And with the warm weather finally set to arrive, it could be a great option to install a new patio this summer.

Install a new patio this summer: the considerations

No matter how large or small your outdoor space is, it can always be improved with an attractive outdoor dining or seating area. And that’s exactly what a new patio will provide. But how can you make sure your patio will be right for your space? Well, there are some things to consider, including:

  • The type of patio you want to create- you could opt for stylish paving slabs, outdoor tiles, or even decking to create a stylish and attractive seating area outside. Choose the option that best suits the style of your home, both internally and externally.
  • The size of the patio area- the size of the patio area will depend on your own preferences, and the total size of your outdoor space. Some people opt to create a small patio area, with the rest of the space used for gardening or as a lawn. While others will opt for an area that is mostly patio, with small flowerbed built in around the edges. The more patio you have, the less maintenance your garden will be, but also, the less plants you can grow.
  • Working with professionals- professional building experts, like us here at Gilston Building Services, can provide a high quality finish and excellent results. In contrast, when laying your own patio you might encounter a myriad of problems and issues, and you might not get the result or quality you were aiming for.

For more information or advice, get in touch with the professionals today, here at Gilston Building Services.

What are the advantages of decorative paving tiles?

Here at Gilston Building Services, we offer a full range of building and construction services. This includes plastering, brickwork and paving. Paving is something that is often overlooked by home owners and property developers, but professional decorative paving can actually bring a range of advantages. But what are the advantages of decorative paving tiles? And why should you choose them?

What are the advantages of decorative paving tiles?

Decorative paving tiles are paving tiles or slabs that are designed to be visually attractive and appealing. These can be applied collectively to create to stunning layout or pattern. Or you can use individually patterned tiles. So, what are the advantages of decorative paving tiles? Well there are several, including:

  • Creating a stunning feature- whether its your front drive, or your back patio, decorative paving tiles can help you create a stylish and visually attractive feature. This can add new depth and personality to your home.
  • Increase the curb appeal of your property- if you are trying to sell or rent your property, you need it to look fantastic. One way to do this is by ensuring that your front drive is visually appealing. This means removing any weeds, cleaning your flowerbeds, and considering attractive and stylish paving options.
  • Revamp your home- if you are looking for a way to brighten up your property, and maybe leave your mark on the design and style of the property, decorative paving slabs could be a great idea. Especially with summer fast approaching. After all, a stylish patio could be just what you need for this years BBQ season.

For more information or advice, get in touch with the team today, here at Gilston Building Services.

Why should you check your gutters this Spring?

Spring is now in full swing. The plants are blooming and the temperature is starting to heat up. But before you unpack the BBQ, there are some maintenance jobs you should consider tackling, to keep your property in full working order. One of these, is checking the gutters. But why should you check your gutters this Spring? And what should you be looking out for? Well, here at Gilston Building Services, we are Preston’s leading building professionals. From brickwork to guttering, we provide high quality, effective services. As a result, we have produced this guide to the importance of checking your gutters.

Why should you check your gutters this Spring?

  • The weather- Over the winter, snow and ice are expected. But in the spring, one thing you can usually be sure off are strong rain showers and downpours. If your gutters are blocked, or have been damaged by the winter weather, they will be unable to effectively transport water away from your roof, and this can cause water damage to your external brickwork.
  • Plants and flowers- gutters that are not regularly maintained can become home to a range of weeds and plant-life. In spring, this will all begin to grow again, leading to blocked pipes and water build up, which could cause physical damage to the guttering, or to your external brickwork. It could also lead to burst pipes, which can be expensive and challenging to repair.
  • Leaves and debris- its not just living plants that cause an issue. Leaves and debris that have built up from last autumn are the most common culprits of blocked downspouts and guttering problems. These can be transported from the guttering, into the pipes, simply by the power of heavy rainfall.

For more information or for professional gutter repair, get in touch with the team today, here at Gilston Building Services.

Spring maintenance jobs to tackle today

With Spring just around the corner, and the weather beginning to change, it is the perfect time to take care of your spring maintenance. All buildings, large and small, domestic and commercial, need some maintenance work each year. Especially if you want to keep your property in tip top condition. Here at Gilston Building Services, we are leading building industry experts. And this is our guide to the key spring maintenance jobs to tackle today.

Spring maintenance jobs to tackle today

  1. Checking the roof- for flat roofs, winter can cause problems with freezing and thawing cycles. You should check your roof over for signs of damage. You might also notice some standing water, and this will need to be seen by a professional. For pitched roofs, you want to look out for missing slates, and gaps in the flashing or pointing.
  2. Checking the gutters- winter might be wet and cold, but April is often one of the wettest months. Making sure your gutters are not blocked is essential to be able to clear the water. Otherwise, you could find that your building suffers from water damage, or water ingress, which could be very problematic.
  3. Checking your brickwork- again winter can be a challenge for your brickwork. In fact the freeze and thaw cycle can lead to cracks developing, which could damage your building.


If you notice any issues when checking your property, you should seek immediate, professional support. Any damage to the outside of your property, no matter how small, can cause a lot of expensive destruction in the long run.

For professional assistance or repairs to your building this Spring, get in touch with the experts today, here at Gilston Building Services. From brickwork to paving, roofing to plastering, we are the team you can count on. Get in touch today.

Why should you hire a professional tradesman?

When it comes to odd jobs around your property, it can be tempting to simply do it yourself. But, whether you’re a homeowner or a landlord, DIY is a shortcut you should avoid, especially when it comes to paving, roofing, brickwork and plastering. Just some of the professional, high quality services we can provide here at Gilston Building Services. So, why should you hire a professional tradesman?

Why should you hire a professional tradesman?

Hiring a professional tradesman is essential for a range of building projects. And working with a professional is much likely to secure positive results. The advantages for each type of project include:

  • Paving- a professional will have a range of experience and skills, developed from time in the profession. This means that they can offer more decorative, visually appealing paving solutions for your driveway or paths, that will result in a better end product. They also have the tools and equipment necessary to solve a range of potential, unforeseen problems.
  • Roofing- Working at height is dangerous. So naturally, working on your roof, whether it’s single story or higher, can be risky. Changes in weather conditions, and blocked leaves and debris can catch you by surprise, resulting in falls, and potentially death. A professional roofer has the experience to manage these dangers, and solve a range of roofing problems. From flashing and pointing, to replacing a tile, professionals will be safer, and complete the job more accurately, and effectively.
  • Brickwork- Professional builders and bricklayers know how to lay any brickwork pattern, and how to apply the perfect amount of cement, evenly, for a professional finish. So for quality results, and a safe build, hire a professional!
  • Plastering- Professional plasterers have the ability and the knowledge to deliver any type of plastering service, to a high standard. DIY plaster is often to wet, or too dry, causing a range of problems from crumbling plaster to wall cracks.

For a range of high quality, professional building services, get in touch with the team today, here at Gilston Building Services.

What are the different types of damp?

With the temperatures plummeting, and the snow expected to keep flooding in, looking after your property should be a number one priority. Damp can be a common occurrence, and it makes your home feel colder than it really should. Not what you need in this weather! Damp can also seriously reduce the value of the property. So if you notice moisture patches and damp in your home, what can you do about it? Here at Gilston Building Services, we are experts in all aspects of building services, including damp proofing. These are our tips to help you recognise damp types, and deal with this common problem.

Types of damp

Firstly, you will need to identify the type of damp you have, as there are different treatment methods for different types of damp. The three types of damp include:

  • Condensation-If there is not enough ventilation in your property, condensation damp can occur. This results in pools of water collecting and leaving damp patches. This can cause mould as well. To solve this, simply open more windows in your property, especially in the kitchen or bathroom where steam can be an issue.
  • Penetrating- This type of damp is damp that is penetrating your property, either from roof problems, guttering issues, or from old brickwork. Simply by fixing the exterior problem, you can solve your damp problem quickly and easily.
  • Rising- Rising damp is the type of damp that causes the biggest problems. This is caused by moisture rising through the ground, through porous bricks underneath, and to solve the issue, you will need to speak to an expert. Like us, here at Gilston Building Services.

Preventing damp this winter

This can be prevented from reoccurring by:

  • regularly checking the roof and gutters
  • using extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom to increase ventilation
  • implementing a damp proof course

Damp is an issue that requires professional attention. Here at Gilston Building Services we are available for expert advice and support. Our trained and qualified professionals are on hand to identify and treat any damp issues, quickly and efficiently.

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Install a new driveway this New Year

It’s New Years Eve, and if you’re looking for a New Year resolution, what about making some home improvements? Outside or inside, home renovations and improvements can be incredibly beneficial, increasing the value of your property, as well as the usefulness for you and your household. One popular option is to install a new driveway this New Year. So why should you choose a new driveway? Well, here at Gilston Building Services, we are leading building experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to help you decide to install a new driveway this New Year.

Install a new driveway this New Year

So why should you choose to install a new driveway? Well, there are many advantages to installing a new driveway. And these include:

  • increasing the curb appeal of your home- the first thing anyone will see about your home is the driveway and the outdoor area at the front of the home. If this is poorly maintained or unappealing, people will associate this with the inside of your home too. So if you want to sell or rent your property, or even just improve it’s value, a new driveway can help.
  • brightening up the outside of your property- a new driveway can be created to add style and character to your home. With different driveway patterns and choices of materials, your driveway could be as individual as your home, and we can create something to suit the character or personality that best matches the rest of your property.
  • installing a more suitable surface for your vehicle- some vehicles do better on different surfaces to others. So choose a driveway material that will suit your vehicle.
  • installing a more suitable surface for your household- driveways aren’t just for vehicles. They are also used by yourself and any visitors you might have. Installing a new driveway will provide the opportunity to consider any requirements you or your household might have. This could include removing steps in favour of a sloping path.

For more information or advice, get in touch with Gilston Building Services today.