3 reasons to hire a professional plasterer

Plastering problems to avoid

When it comes to re-plastering your property, repairing and plastering over damage, or plastering a new build for the first time, we are the team you can count on here at Gilston Building Services. As leading building service experts, we offer a range of high quality services including brickwork, plastering and roof maintenance. But we are frequently called out to repair plastering jobs that have gone wrong. So what are the main plastering problems to avoid? And what are the advantages of working with a professional team all the way through?

What are the most common plastering problems to avoid?

There are several common plastering problems that you need to try to avoid. Especially with wet plaster. These include:

  • using the wrong type of base coat
  • using the wrong amount of plaster
  • not timing correctly.

Using the wrong type of base coat

Different base coats need to be applied to different types of surfaces, and using the wrong type can negatively impact the bond and the set of the plaster.

Using the wrong amount of plaster

Using too little plaster, the end result can be thin and uneven. If you use too much plaster, it can become lumpy and cause bumps. The right amount of plaster will give the perfect finish, and a professional plasterer can provide this, like us here at Gilston Building Services.

Time to dry

One of the most common plastering mistakes is not leaving enough time for the plaster to dry. The drying times can alter depending on the wall materials and the variety of plaster. As a result, improper drying is a common issue, and leaves walls looking unpleasant and uneven. This can be avoided by hiring a professional plasterer.

If you need a professional plastering service you can trust, contact us at Gilston Building Services.

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