Professional wet plastering

Here at Gilston Building Services, we have a range of skills and experience in tackling a variety of building and structural projects. This includes brickwork, guttering and pipework, and plastering. Wet plastering is a job that seriously requires a professional touch. And that’s what we can offer.

What is wet plastering?

A technique that is suitable for any property, wet plastering is simply the application of wet plaster to a surface. This acts as a base coat, before a finish layer or skim is added on top. The aim of the plaster is to provide a fully flat and even surface that is suitable to paint directly onto, or to wallpaper over.

Because the wet plaster will need time to dry out, before the finish layer or skim is added, wet plastering can take longer to complete than dry lining, or hanging plasterboard.

However, the end results can be worth the extra time taken.

As you can tell, it is essential that you hire a professional for this job, as someone without the necessary training or experience will leave your walls flaking or cracking, with the plaster falling off.

Base coats

When plastering, it is also necessary to choose the correct base coat. This is because the different types of base coat should be used for bonding to different types of surfaces. Otherwise you will not get a professional result.

Some of these base coats include:

◾Thistle Bonding Coat- this undercoat plaster will provide a perfect base layer for low suction, smooth substrates, like concrete, blocks and plasterboard
◾Thistle Hardwall- For other surfaces, like bricks and other masonry substrates, this is the perfect undercoat plaster for you. That’s because it can resist impact, and is quick drying.

For more information or to book a professional plastering service, get in touch today, here at Gilston Building Services.

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