Repairing your roof tiles this Autumn

We recently brought you the ultimate guide to autumn property maintenance, to help you get your home or building prepared for the cold, wet weather. But there is one final step that is essential for the health and happiness of your property, and even the inhabitants. This final step is to check over your roof. And if you have any repairs or work that neeeds to be carried out, now is the time to fix it. Here at Gilston Building Services, we are leading building service providers. And we specialize in brickwork, paving and roofing. As a result, we have produced this guide to repairing your roof tiles this Autumn.

Repairing your roof tiles this Autumn

It is currently a good time to check out your roof, so that you can repair any damage before the really harsh weather sets in. You should be on the look out for:

  • missing roof tiles- these do blow off in high wind and bad weather, and it will leave the underlayers of your roof exposed to the elements. Which can cause a lot of problems in terms of water damage. And of course, your energy usage will also increase, as you lose heat through the hole in the roof.
  • flashing- overtime, flashing is often warn away completely, or it comes lose. Either way, this means that it is not protecting the joins on your roof, and water could easily be leaking into your home, and into your wall cavities. Over time, this will cause damp areas and patched inside, and this can be expensive to resolve. Simply fixing your flashing earlier, could prevent this damage,

For more information or advice about repairing your roof tiles this Autumn, get in touch with the professionals today, here at Gilston Building Services.

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