Some services need the Gliston touch

In our last entry, we told you about our plastering, damp proofing and roofing services, but these aren’t the only incredible services we offer! Our remit includes everything from brickwork to laying driveways and footpaths. However, some of the most important work we do involves installing and repairing a home’s heating, plumbing and electrical works. We even install and repair drainage systems! What all of these have in common is that they can all prove potentially disastrous if anybody other than a highly trained professional attempts them. While it’s true that all our services are best handled professionally, the consequences of installing faulty electrical wiring, for example, are a lot more severe than those of a botched footpath. Here’s why there are some services you should rely on us for.

Heating and plumbing

Here at Gliston, we’re always eager to help keep your home warm and plumbed in; after all, nobody wants to live in a cold home with no running water. However, a house’s heating and plumbing systems can be quite complex for a layman. A faulty or poorly-maintained boiler can leak deadly carbon monoxide gas, inadequately-sealed pipes can cause leaks that lead to damp and rot throughout your home, and any confusion of the inflow and outflow pipes (or opportunities for their contents to mingle) can result in contamination of the water supply. That’s just the plumbing! If you’re heating is electrical, then an unprofessional job can lead to electric shocks. If it uses gas, then leaks can release poisonous and outright toxic gasses. In other words, heating and plumbing services should never be handled by DIY or by a company that you can’t completely trust; when it comes to keeping your house warm and your water clean, always turn to the professionals!

Electrical works

The importance of safe, well-insulated electrical wiring should surprise no-one. Even the simplest fault in a home’s electrical system can lead to short-circuits and household appliances giving their users a nasty shock. Even the process of accessing, installing or repairing your home’s wiring can be deadly if done wrong. We at Gliston have all the training necessary to handle a home’s wiring safely and make sure there are no electrical hazards in your home when our work’s finished. This is one job that can go shockingly wrong if it’s not left in the right hands.

Drainage systems

A faulty drainage system may not prove dangerous in the short-term, but it can cause serious problems for your home. A leak can lead to damp and rot and a large enough build-up of water can undermine a property’s whole structure. Hiring a professional will save your home from damage and therefore save on costs in the long-run!

At Gliston, we’re certified and approved by FMB, HETAS, NFB and the Guild of Master Craftsmen. Some work shouldn’t be handled by people without the proper qualifications or through DIY, but remember – we’re 100% trustworthy and we’re only a phone-call away.

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