Top Tips for Builders to Stay Warm in Winter

It’s no joke that temperatures can drop below freezing depending on where you live in the UK, so it’s always best to keep warm – especially if you’re working on site. The rule is to conserve as much body heat as possible and below we have listed the top 7 ways to do that!

1. If you don’t have any already, purchase thermal insulated overalls as they eliminate heat loss while you are still able to move about freely and without restriction. They can be a bit costly but these are the most important things to wear when it gets cold.
2. Helmet liners preserve heat and are very effective at keeping your head and neck warm. Because it’s made from fleece, it’s very comfortable and soft so you won’t be itching your neck all day long.
3. Investing in a pair of gloves is also a priority, you need to pick the right ones that are best suited for the type of job you do, so take into consideration what fabric and texture you need. Try and find gloves that have a liner to keep your hands warm.
4. Eye protection is also needed, especially if the temperature does drop below freezing as there is a lot of blood flow around your eyes so protection will help to minimize heat loss and protect your eyes from becoming irritated or infected.
5. Wearing a scarf is also a great way to stay warm, as they will keep your neck and chest from getting cold.
6. Thermal socks and insulated boots are next, purchase these if you know you are going to be standing outside or walking on cold surfaces.
7. Use skin creams and moisturizers to stop your face chapping, cracking and becoming dry as it will become a lot more exposed due to the cold weather.

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