Top Tips for Simple Building Maintance this Winter!

It’s simple really, the best way to avoid any issues this Winter is to do a little bit of maintance beforehand. It’s always best to make sure everything is in perfect working order before any work is carried out, or before the cold months really start to set it. Below is some of the ways in which you can check and fix any problem if necessary!

  1. Always check for clocked downpipes, this is best done when you’re experiencing heavy rain so you can look for water coming from any leaky joints.
  2. Check your ground level gullies and drains are clear of any debris such as leaves, twigs and any other foreign objects.
  3. It might seem funny but it’s best to always use a hand mirror to look behind any rainwater pipes for any splits or cracks that have occurred over the years.
  4. Regularly paint your cast iron to prevent any rust from happening and ensuring that your property is in good condition.
  5. Ensure that you have your gutters fixed if they appear to be sloping the wrong way or spilling out water onto the wall. Make sure that when they are being repaired, it is with the same material as before – either lead or more usually, cast iron.
  6. You can always fit guards to the tops of your soil pipes to prevent any blockages from happening.
  7. Don’t undertake any work unsupervised and always work with the right equipment, if you are in doubt, seek professional help.
  8. Remember to take care at all times and always wear protective gear to prevent any injuries from occurring. For example, hats and gloves are essential at all times.

Please remember to have a safe Winter and always be careful!

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