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Weather proof your home

Although the coldest months should by now be out of the way, Spring is a tricky time for buildings. The warmer weather allows brickwork to heat up and expand. But when a cold spell returns, the brickwork can become damaged. Rain also brings potential property issues. So how can you help weather proof your home? Here at Gilston Building Services, we are expert builders. As a result, we have produced this guide to help you weather proof your home.

Check downpipes

Brickwork that has become stained or discoloured, may indicate water damage. This is often caused by a leaking downpipe. As a result, your home may suffer from penetrating damp. Spring is renowned for heavy downpours, which only make matters worse. Check your downpipes while it is raining, to make sure they aren’t damaged or blocked. If they are, water will see from the joints.

Check the guttering

Guttering is often overlooked, but it is actually essential. It is responsible for carrying water away from your walls. During winter, the bad weather can cause guttering to bough, slit or tilt. As a result, your home can suffer from water damage. The best time to check your gutters is Spring, before heavy rainfall. Replace any damaged guttering and pipes to protect your home.

Check the windows

Windows in your home need to be secure and safe. Sealant or caulk can wear away over time. As a result, the windows can begin to become loose and insecure. This is something that should be addressed during Spring, when the temperature rises and falls sharply. During these temperature changes, your bricks will expand and contract. Consequently, your insecure window will become even more insecure.

In summary

Weatherproofing your home at all times of the year is important. However, many people overlook the damage that can be caused during Spring. For a professional opinion or advice, or for any maintenance or repairs, contact us at Gilston Building Services today.

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