What is felt roofing?

If you are about to build an extension, an outhouse or a garage, you might be thinking about different types of roof available. Felt roof should be one of your top options. But what is felt roofing? And what should you know about it? Well, here at Gilston Building Services we offer a variety of high quality roofing services. This includes built up felt roofing, and high performance felt roofing. As a result, we have produced this guide to felt roofing.

What is felt roofing?

Felt roofing involves laying a mat of fibres, coated with a bituminous coating, over the structure of your roof. For a built up felt roof, more and more layers are added to this. Each of the layers added will be bonded to the next, and this will create a water tight, weather proof and durable roof. Then a final coating of grit, chippings or sand is added to the top. This is to protect the roof from the sun. Although a mineral cap sheet can be a better idea.

High performance felt

Different types of felt are available, including high performance felt. This is felt roofing that is made from polyester, rather than glass fibre. As a result, it is more flexible, and will last around twice as long as normal felt.

Advantages of a felt roof

So why would you choose felt roofing? Well, felt roofs do offer some advantages, including:

  • it is a light weight material so it can be used on weaker structures easily, as well as extensions and garages
  • it is the cheapest roofing option available
  • it can easily be repaired
  • it is a flexible material that can cover any space

If you have any more questions, or if you are looking for a building company you can trust, contact us today at Gilston Building Services.

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