When Would You Need A Plasterer?

The term plastering covers a whole span of different ways of plastering, from building another wall or re-surfacing a ceiling. It is therefore important to know what type of plasterer you need to hire and what they specialise in.

Different Types of Plastering

There are two different types of plastering: solid plastering and fibrous plastering. To identify which you need then you need to know what they both mean.

Solid plastering is when the plasterer smooths over different surfaces from walls to floors. They can also add protective layering in order to have better quality surfacing.

Fibrous plastering is ornamental plastering which can be used on anything from ceiling roses to columns. It is a more intricate style and used for decorative pieces.

When Might You Need A Plasterer?

  • When a finish needs applying to a wall or a ceiling.
  • Restoration of a ceiling or wall.
  • Having screed laid on a floor.
  • Decorative finishes to stylise your household.
  • Having a wall pebble-dashed.

Benefits of Using a Professional

Although it may be tempting to do it yourself, especially when there is a small amount of work to be done it is important to remember that plastering is a trade. It takes a high skillset to do effectively.

Using a professional from the start may save you money because if you make a mess of it when trying it yourself then it will add expense to your total cost because it will need re-plastered. Even if you think you’ve done a good job, it could only last a few months until you begin to see the work come undone.

It will also be less time consuming because after years of expertise, a plasterer will get the job done with ease and a sense of professionalism.

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