Winter building maintenance tips

Here at Gilston Building Services, we know how important it is that your home stays watertight and weatherproof over the winter. While snow and freezing temperatures can be a big problem for your brickwork, rain can be an issue for your guttering. As a result, it is a good idea to check over your building to make sure its in top condition, before the cold really sets in. These are our winter building maintenance tips.

  • Check your guttering isnt blocked- if your gutters are full of leaves and debris they cant really get rid of the water effectively. In addition, during heavy rain, they may carry this debris down into your down pipe. If this is the case, your down pipe may leak water and stain your brickwork leading to future damage.
  • Check your guttering is sitting right- if your guttering is sagging, or facing the wrong way, you could have a problem. Guttering that is sloping can cause water to cascade over your walls and this will lead to water damage in the future. If your gutters need repairing, do it now before the cold spells, and use the same material as the existing framework.
  • Check your drains- drains that are blocked with leaves and twigs cannot function properly. So if you have a heavy rain spell, the drain will quickly overflow causing flooding and damage.
  • Have a look at your brickwork-if your exterior brickwork is looking a little warn, and the mortar is wearing off, you might want to do some repairs. This is because over the winter, any small imperfection will become much larger and cause much bigger problems.
  • Fill in any cracks- if there are any cracks, either in your guttering, your brickwork, or the cladding of your home, get them filled in. Over the winter, if ice freezes in these cracks, they will become bigger and bigger, exposing more of your home to the elements, and the damage that can bring.

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