Winter building maintenance tips

Winter is here, and you’re probably feeling the cold already. Luckily for you, you can put on the heating or make yourself a cup of tea to make yourself feel better, but it’s not as easy to make your home winter-ready! Here are a few things you can do to help your buildings be ready for the cold spell. If you’re unsure about any of these suggestions, why not give Gilston Building Services a call? We’ll be glad to come out and take a look.

1. Check your brickwork for stains

Stained brickwork can indicate water damage from leaking downpipes, which will eventually result in damp penetrating your walls. If you’re in doubt, wait until it rains and inspect your downpipes. If they are damaged or blocked, you’ll see water seeping out of their joints.

2. Have a look at which way your gutters are facing

They should be carrying water away from your walls. Get any damaged or broken sections replaced. For older houses, this may mean metal replacements. Make sure any replacement parts match what is already in place.

3. Frost can be a real enemy of porous building materials, like bricks

Just like the formation of pot holes in the road, moisture gets into the pores, expands as it freezes into ice, and causes damage by shattering bricks and tiles. Examine bricks for signs of damage before the freeze sets in.

4. Windows should be secure in their frames, or they won’t be able to protect you from chilly breezes

It may be that something simple like some extra sealant or caulk is needed, or you may need expert help to make those windows perform as they should. Give them one last clean before the mercury plummets, and check them for defects. If you’ve got a good eye, have a look at the lintel above the frame and make sure it looks straight and secure.

Remember that no matter how confident you are in your DIY skills, it’s very dangerous to do any high level work without specialist equipment. Have a friend or partner with you for safety at all times, and if you’re in any doubt at all, call for a professional.

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